Horne Pond Ice Fishing Derby

As a reminder - the tagged fish was caught in 2020 and 2019!!  Can we repeat in 2024??

Horne Pond Derby Fish Pool Rules

The fish pool costs $5.00 to enter for Adults and Kids. One entry per angler. One tagged brook trout will be recorded and released with all of the other trout stocked for the derby. If 1,000 anglers enter the fish pool and one of those anglers catches the tagged trout, they will win $5,000.00. If no one catches the tagged trout, all of the names of the anglers that have entered the fish pool will be put into a drawing. One name will be drawn and will be awarded half of the money raised in the pool. The other half of the money will be donated to the Charity of the year. The tag number must match the previously recorded number. If a kid enters the fish pool and catches the tagged trout the money will be put into a savings bond in that child's name. The winning fish in the fish pool can also place in the Horne Pond Derby. You must be the angler that caught the fish. 

Adult Rules and Prizes

General laws apply. The prizes for the adult derby will be awarded to the largest weighing trout. No trout under 14 inches will qualify. If no trout are caught, the largest weighing Bass will qualify.

Entry fees for adults are $20.00

1st Place $1,000.00 Cash  

2nd Place $600.00 Cash  

3rd Place $400.00 Cash  

4th Place $200.00 Cash  

5th Place $100.00 Cash  

Kids Rules and Prizes

General laws apply. Kids must be 12 or younger. The kids’ derby will consist of the 5 largest weighing fish. All legal species are eligible. The entry fee for kids is $5.00.

1st place, Ice Fishing Sled, 5 Ice Fishing Traps and Bait Bucket

2nd place, Ice Fishing Sled, 4 Ice Fishing Traps and Bait Bucket

3rd place, Ice Fishing Sled, 3 Ice Fishing Traps and Bait Bucket

4th place, Ice Fishing Sled, 2 Ice Fishing Traps and Bait Bucket

5th place, Ice Fishing Sled, 1 Ice Fishing Trap and Bait Bucket

General Rules

The Derby will be held at the public launch in Limington, ME.

You may start fishing at 5:15 a.m. and will end at 3:00 p.m.
No fish will be weighed in after 3:00. 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Your registration is your acceptance of the rules and all risk associated with ice fishing and this event. For questions please email: icefishforkids@gmail.com

Examples of the fish pool if the tagged fish is caught

1,000 participants = $5,000.00 payout

500 participants= $2,500.00 payout

Examples if the tagged fish is not caught

1,000 participants= $2,500.00 payout

500 participants= $1,250.00 payout